Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I call bullsh*t!

There's nothing meaner than a beat-up and bloodied rain-soaked animal backed into a corner; and that visual lends itself nicely to the right-wing apparatuses currently attempting to lay siege to Al Gore's recent accomplishments.

On Sunday evening, the film An Inconvenient Truth won two Oscars. Fine. Ben Affleck won an Oscar too so that kind of tells you the weight those things carry these days. But the real issue is the fact that Monday morning an organization calling itself The Tennessee Center for Policy Research, an "independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan research organization", issued a press release about Al Gore's "extravagant energy use". Truth is, this group is the farthest thing from all the things that it claims to be. If you haven't already had the pleasure of unmasking these petty schmucks yourself, allow me:

  • They're not "nonpartisan"; they have links on their site to some of the most right-wing organizations on K street. The American Enterprise Institute is one of them
  • Before the release of their "findings", The Tennessee Center for Policy Research was practically non-existent according to their web footprint as proven by Alexa
  • The media bottom-feeders that picked up on this story immediately were Fox News and The Drudge Report - both fine purveyors of objectivity and well-vetted information
  • Gore's energy use, when conventional, is offset by the purchase of carbon offsets and switching to green energy sources to compensate for the family’s conventional carbon footprint
  • Keith Olberman does a nice job in summarizing all of this. Regardless of what you think of his leanings, watch the clip. You'll see some actual journalism

I feel for the right-wing lemmings. I too lie awake at night fearing that Al Gore may ride into the White House on an insidious platform of clean energy, responsibility to future generations and global cooperation. Mommy...hold me.


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