Tuesday, February 06, 2007

At least the game didn't suck

Creativity died Sunday and that death was celebrated by those that inherited its throne; the Super Bowl commercial. Gone are the days of deliriously whacked out dot com commercials and the heartfelt originality of a good beer ad. Now we got crap like SalesGenie.com which for the first few second made me think I was watching a really great set-up for a joke. Watch this ad if you missed it and you tell me if the agency that pitched this shouldn’t be carpet-bombed with flaming bags of shit; because that’s what hit my house when this ad came on.

Cerebral Itch selected a few of the classics so we all can be reminded how to properly spend $1.7 million:

The King of the Super Bowl Commercial Comedy

The Conversation Stopper and Most Controversial

The All-Time Great


Sisyphus said...

Start a contest: "Best punchline for this stupid commercial."

ROOKIE SALESMAN: "How do you do it?"

THE MASTER: "Well Timmy, I'll let you in on my little secret - you see, I suck dick. And I'm damn good at it, too."

Sharon said...

madafuka-it actually makes me physically uncomfortable to watch that first load of shite. Thanks for validating my choice to not watch such mind numbing drivel....I mean TV.