Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Way to go loverboy

You know I thought I was a romantic guy. I have all the accoutrements on deck for next week; hell, I even designed a line of goddamn greeting cards for jiminy sake. I was sitting pretty. And then, this jackass comes along making all [living] men currently involved with someone look like a bunch of monkey-spanking silver back gorillas. Apparently when Wilma said to her beau,” just hold me” or in their language, “chaka busasa”, this guy was not about to be outdone. Men’s aversion to foreplay and post-coital hugging has been a cornerstone of joke-dom for decades and now Rock Hugsome chips away at it with this ground-breaking (could I chuck in anymore bad geology puns?) archeological find that’s romancing women 5000 years in the future. Even the lead lady archeologist on the dig was swoonin’, "I've never been so moved because this is the discovery of something special".

Nice going man, way to take one for the team. Couldn’t you have stayed buried till after Valentine’s Day?

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Anonymous said...

They only *believe* they are man and woman. No proof!

I personally like to think they are two ladies doing what ladies do best when drunk and being videotaped for the Internet. It makes the whole thing SO much hotter.