Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm torn on this one

There are some universal laws like force equals mass times acceleration, ranch dressing is indicative of a lesser caste and clowns are downright creepy. Apparently someone in Columbia agreed on the last point. Two clowns of the Circo del Sol de Cali were gunned down in front of their Bogata audience last Monday night by some wingnut with guns a'blazin' who had a Costco-sized mad-on for the big shoes and whiteface crowd. Tragedy, I know. But here's where I'm torn: They're clowns! I cannot read this story without simultaneously being racked with guilt and cupping my mouth to hide the giggles. You read this headline and tell me you don't snort just a little: Gunman kills 2 clowns in Colombian circus. Yeah, not so easy to stay straight-faced is it? I am now reaching out to you, my loyal readers. You tell me where you stand on this case of Bozo-cide. Leave your comments as to where this hits you on the "so tragic it's funny" scale. In the meantime, I'll be passing out copies of the Bogata story to any clowns I see on the street.


Sharon said...

OMG and the show cost 50 cents-talk about getting your monies worth!

corboy said...

Clowns are downright scary!! I did laugh when i read it!!
The only clowns I like are the Drunken-bum-clowns, homeless, w/ a empty whiskey bottle!!