Sunday, February 11, 2007

Not to be confused with MENSA Fever

Alright, I know that singling out one piece of detritus from the television landscape to berate is about as futile as trying to find panties at Lindsay Lohan's. But there is one program so heinous and moronic it has to be recognized. It is MTV's Maui Fever - a half-hour dirty needle of a show that features a group of 20-something friends living on Maui. Here's the show in a nutshell: the guys are smooth-brained surf bums with the prime directive of bagging tourist chicks hours before they leave the island to avoid blowback and their female sidekicks are hair-twirling dime-store diva bitches who probably took their SAT's with eyeliner pencil. That's it; I kid you not.

There are three reasons this show needs to end: One, these people are breathing our air and that certainly has to stop. Two, there are no Hawaiians on the permanent cast. Hat's off to you MTV for stoking the already tense racial situation in Hawaii between locals (native Hawaiians) and haoles (Caucasians). Three, Maui is shown in a rather unflattering light with absolutely no attention given to the culture and the history. Yeah, I know it's an MTV show and not the Discovery Channel, but for crisake make an effort to do something mildly redeeming if you're going to use one of the most beautiful places on Earth with a proud people trying to save their rich heritage as your backdrop for a Laguna Beach knockoff.

Okay, I'm done. You know where I stand. Now I have to go yell at some punk kids to get off my lawn.


Barbara said...

You're right no culture or history (that's another show)--maybe even moronic---but Come On Itchy-- HEINOUS! I think that Heinous might apply to physically assaulting the kids who took part in the show. (Here it appears we disagree--"these people are breathing the same air.")! Shame on you! It might be fitting to call Fever heinous if the show probed some of the serious (but TV sensational) detritus that goes on on that beautiful isle--drugs, gangs, racism to mention a few. If you know Maui –or filmmaking, you would detect the effort that went into showcasing the glorious beauty of the Island. You would know striking settings don't just happen onto the “television landscape.” A much as you might dislike the content, Fever was filmed with great attention to highlighting the magnificent of "the most beautiful place on earth." Grand aerial vistas, magnificent sunsets, underwater photography surely are not necessary ingredients for a half-hour "dirty needle." Maybe a second season would attempt to correct some of the miscalculations made in season one--but no crew would/should work in the hostile/dangerous environment blown up around a rather benign MTV show. Maybe those kids don’t represent what we think of as the Aloha Spirit, but the RABID critics represent it much much less! Your overblown and glib remarks are irresponsible and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I agree with barbara. I was blown away by the stunning vistas and majestic landscapes behind Anna as she told Chaunte that she was worried she might be pregnant after having unprotected anal sex with Sean.

Cerebral Itch said...

Hey Babs,

check this out:
Maui News article on Maui Fever and the backlash - I don't think I have the dissenting opinion.

Sharon said...

Aunty Barbara: Don’t get your knickers in a twist-this is just Chamberlain doing what he does best after he’d finished the crossword puzzle. Lighten up and smoke a skinny fatty…it’s not personal.

Jukebox: Thanks for the chuckle.