Thursday, February 22, 2007

The 2007 Cerebral Itch - Academy Awards
Oscar Poll

Time’s running short to enter the Cerebral Itch Academy Awards Oscar Poll; name more winners than anyone else and you can win either a $15 Starbucks or iTunes gift card. Like we expect you to have seen any of the movies; that’s why we want you to enter. We’d love to give this prize to someone who had no friggin’ idea who the hell these people are and what the hell the movies are about. Just pick winners without doing any of the hard work: roughly the same principal that applies to the brain trusts who win lotteries.

Tip: don’t pick the movies you like, you’ll always be disappointed. I’m still pissed when Chariots of Fire took best picture over Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981. Only BUSH v. GORE was a bigger miscarriage of justice.


Sharon said...

The only film I know for sure will not receive an Oscar is in the ‘best adapted screenplay’ category, they won’ have the calls to let Borat’ win!

Anonymous said...

$15 gift card is the best you could come up with you cheap bastard? I've got inside information on the sound mixing category so you're all going down. I'll be able to download that awesome Fergilicious song now. YES!

Sharon said...

Lying in bed and typing clearly isn't conducive to my spelling! That's "won't have the balls"