Thursday, February 15, 2007

You smug, self-righteous, scared, little man

One of the guidelines for this blog when it was created was that it would be a puckish diversion from the chaos that we're all water boarded with daily; a perky little examiner of pop-culture and an extension of the attitude that makes Cerebral Itch. So pardon this digression from the perky part, I’ll keep it brief: Our president is an idiot bully. A dick if you will.

Yesterday’s White House East Room press conference supported my harsh name-calling beautifully. Forget the vomit of misinformation concerning Iran, which rang false due to the contradicting statements earlier in the week by his own Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Peter Pace. Forget the in-fighting within his own administration now between hard-liners and actual diplomats (apparently the diplomats are starting to gain ground as shown in the North Korea deal). Forget all that; I want to focus on how this man makes fun of people. I was going to say makes fun of people smarter than him, but I think you can see the punch-line there.

Supporters of President Bush say he likes to “banter and joke” after speeches with reporters. No he doesn’t; he makes fun of them to divert from the real issue that he’s insecure and just stepped out onto the extemporaneous high-wire without the net of prepared statements. Yesterday he did the equivalent of “pantsing” a reporter on live TV by ridiculing him about his employer. The reporter was Mike Allen, a respected Washington correspondent for, a non-partisan electronic daily that is gaining considerable influence amongst news organizations and the public that still reads about politics. Okay, he’s no Jeff Gannon, but then again, who is? I don’t think any of us can forget the painful moment when he took a swipe at the reporter from the L.A. Times about his sunglasses on a cloudy day when in fact the man has a degenerative eye disease. Or who can forget the classic, when he publicly shot one over the bow of White House correspondent, David Gregory of NBC for asking the French President Jacques Chirac a question in French. Oh David, for shame for using your education and making some Americans look like citizens of the world.

I could go on, but simply put, this guy is a bully. The kind from way back in middle school that used to make fun of someone then look around to see if other people are laughing with him; hiding the fact that he’s frightened and knows that given the chance, somebody is going to catch on, pants him and chuck his skinny white ass into the middle of a crowded cafeteria.

Postscript: Cerebral Itch would like to remind everyone that while we don’t have a lick of respect for the man, we have immense respect for the office and the rights granted to each citizen by the Constitution. That's why we're so pissed, because he doesn't.

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