Saturday, February 10, 2007

Well, the week wasn't a total loss

"The life of a tall, gangly, self-made Springfield lawyer tells us that a different future is possible," Obama said. "He tells us that there is power in words. He tells us that there is power in conviction. That beneath all the differences of race and region, faith and station, we are one people. He tells us that there is power in hope."

I’ll sleep a little better tonight knowing that this skull-ringer bad trip of a week ended on a positive note. Obama’s in and for the first time in this nation’s history we’ve got a legitimate African-American candidate. Declaring his candidacy from the steps of the Illinois capitol building where Lincoln served in the legislature was a little heavy handed on the historical irony, but a nice touch of political theater nonetheless. I will try not to make the same mistake as the first presidential candidate with Tourettes: Joe Biden; by happily saying that having Obama in the race certainly does not ring familiar with the likes of Jackson, Keyes, and Sharpton et al. This guy appears to have the stuff to go the distance. Now, if he can survive the charnel house that is public scrutiny he might make past Super Tuesday. Mind you, this isn’t an endorsement; it’s just an observation that the Democrats are finally living up to their claim about being the party of diversity with a vengeance. Especially profound compared to the band of chest/bible thumping stale crackers the GOP has cobbled together. Now all the Democrats need is a gay Asian disabled veteran to announce their candidacy and we got ourselves a knife fight.

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