Thursday, May 03, 2007

Saltine Cracker and American Cheese get voted off of American Idol

Last night, the American Idol voting public finally pulled their head out and got down to business, fired two bullets and hit the right targets. First was Phil Stacey or better known as "American Cheese" who was told, "Thanks for the service to your country, now get the f*ck off the stage". The crew here had a particularly hard time with Cheeseball Stacey. That hairless cat took himself way too seriously and he sucked the cool right out of being bald. Dark circles under your eyes and having an abnormally small cranium do not make for a winning combination. One ill-fitting baseball cap and you'd swear he was finishing up a round of chemo. Oh yeah, the other loser was the guy that could easily disappear into the crowd at a boy-band convention and never be found.

We look forward to their newfound obscurity.

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