Sunday, May 13, 2007

No Mother's Day card coming your way lady

As for all the other mothers who have not given birth to a trained monkey and destroyer of nations; a very Happy Mother's Day!


iltsurf said...

Since every other post on here is something about the Bushes, I guess it's safe to assume you don't like them or Republicans?

Just checking!

Cerebral Itch said...

Um, no I don’t like the Bushes. They’re a pox on American Democracy and international relations. I’d think your military brethren getting fucked 10 ways till Sunday would be a testament to that.

As far as Republicans go I have my favorites: Barry Goldwater, George Will, Christopher Hitchens, Andrew Sullivan and sometimes David Brooks. Rep. Ron Paul made some sense as well. The current band of power-drunk pandering f*ckwads do not represent anything intellectual or ideological related to the party of Eisehower. Check it:

Let’s get something straight; I don’t vote party line. I vote brains and balls; it’s a jackpot if you get both in one candidate; you want to be counterpoint? Start your own f*cking blog.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw that woman on a Porn Spam I got. I think it was for a website called "Granny Tranny" or something like that. Same person you think??

Anonymous said...

I think she is also on one called "All White Pubes" can you please post links to these? Thank You.