Monday, May 21, 2007

Lucky they have back legs or Richard Gere might've partied with them: Legless Chihuahuas

See, this is what happens when you cross chihuahuas with Tyrannosaurus Rex DNA; you get that little front arms thing.

Actually, what really happened was that some asshat with a penchant for breeding chihuahuas kept using the same breeding stock and eventually inbred a litter with tres perritos sin piernas . Now I will smile a huge smile when they incarcerate this sub-human for creating these hoppity habeneros. In a perfect world justice would be meted commensurate with a Dr. Mengele dog breeder: Strip'em, tie'em down and find the horniest Bull Mastiff in town.

But let's be honest here, these poquito pogo-sticks are going the be on the Tonight Show in two-years wearing tutus and dancing around better than Heather Mills on a good night. They might as well poop pesos. Who can forget picking their jaw up off the ground the first time they saw Faith, the biped dog. Now that I mention it, I gotta go make some calls.

(Cerebral Itch would like to profusely apologize for the senseless use of alliteration in this piece. It's Monday and we have no other way of amusing ourselves - except of course watching videos of biped bunuelos -
damn it! I can't stop)

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