Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10 damn good reasons to sober up, pick yourself up out of your own sick and suck it up for summer

If you're like most people, you're currently bemoaning the fact that you made it through the three-day weekend alive and now have to pay the bills associated with that. Well, here at the editorial offices of the Cerebral Itch Scratch Pad we want to give you some reasons, 10 in fact, to soldier on and make it to at least the Fourth of July five-day weekend; screw Labor Day, that's far too ambitious at this point. So, without any further delay, here's the list:

  1. Islamofascist Pigeon chatter has picked up and more aggressive strikes on the President are expected
  2. Both American Idol and The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentlemen are off the air
  3. It's only a matter of time before John McCain completely flips out and does something spectacular to torpedo his campaign for good and you want to be around to see that YouTube nugget
  4. Paris Hilton's June 5th perp walk
  5. Bush at 25% approval rating by July
  6. Cerebral Itch launches their Highlarious t-shirts in June (shameless freakin' plug we know)
  7. Summer Movies: Knocked Up, Transformers the movie and Oceans 13
  8. Barbeque and board shorts
  9. Al Gore entering the Presidential race and upending everything (fall prediction mind you but holy crap that's going to be a dust-up)
  10. This
Add your own in the comments, because it was like pulling teeth coming up with these.

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