Thursday, March 15, 2007

THIS, is American Idol!

Alright, let's be honest here. When trying to maintain a blog of mediocre relevance, one is hard-pressed to avoid any reference to the festering retarded cultural pox known as American Idol.

In short, the whole shiteous production finally jumped, flipped and pirouetted over the shark this season due to the fact that the band of hermaphrodites also known as the "men" contestants can't crap out a K-Tel worthy note and the itty-bitty-titty scandal of Antonella Barba is more aesthetically pleasing than the women who are shall we say, fugly. It's also cruelly ironic that in a year where past participants are scooping up industry accolades, the fresh crop should be scooping up cigarette butts at a bus station before heading home.

Wrap-up: The above cheeseball got the boot last night. Brandon Rogers, former background singer and genetic proof that Isaac from the Love Boat and Tootie from the Facts of Life humped. Rogers forgot his words Tuesday and every time the camera was on him, he did that double-handed pistol finger/wink thing. I wanted to hit him with cold rebar.

And if the war, weather and G. Walker Bush don't scare the bejeezus out of you and make you think the end in nigh. Allow me to confirm it for you:

Patently wrong on so many levels; I am going to go weep now.

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cath said...

There's an anti-Idol web site called that encourages people to vote for the worst contestant to win. While the premise is hilarious, I really would hate to see no-talent Hadji win. Yes, I am confessing that I watch AI...but only because it just happens to be on. Yeah, that's it.