Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bye Sligh, don't hell, I got nothin'

Well, the "husky" kid took it on the chin the other night. Chris Sligh, the Jack Osbourne (circa 2001) look-alike went down like so many of his full-figured brethren...hard.

Who cares really? This year's crop of screechers is piss-poor on a good night. And if the singing isn't bad enough for you they've got a stylist who I really think is a down-on-his-luck color blind straight guy suffering from glaucoma going gay for pay. Because if he really is gay and claiming to be a stylist, he's going to get his gay membership revoked. Then again, whoever they are, they have crap to work with; I swear to God some of that stuff the women wear is from TJ Maxx and Phil Stacey is a prime example that you can't prune a dead tree.

But back to Sligh; Aw forget it, I just do these American Idol posts for the web hits. He sucked, went to Bob Jones University and is now boarding the train back to Obscurity, USA. Oh, and if you think I'm going to end this entry without mentioning Sanjaya, you're wrong. Although, enough has already been said about him and I'm saving it up for when they bring him out in full glorious drag, because that's really the last card the little weasel can play after the 12-year-old girl's slumber party prank hairdo from this week.


Anonymous said...

Buckwhite be gone

dlaubner said...

Hate Sanjaya? Sign the petition to have him kicked off the show!