Monday, March 26, 2007

Kreepy spelled with a "K" as well as "Krying"

This is how I imagine a conversation going as a result of the above picture:

The mailman: Hi Mrs. Johnson, and how is Timmy today after his visit to the dentist.

Mrs. Johnson: Oh his teeth are fine, but now I have to deal with him pissing himself in terror every time he sees a cartoon

It appears the fine folks at Colgate got the hot idea to put Warner Bros. cartoon character mouths on surgical masks. They felt that such whimsical imagery would lighten up a visit to the dentist. Well, I got news for you Colgate, it's the childhood equivalent of an IRS agent wearing a glow in the dark strap-on to your audit. Funny at first thought, but then again you wouldn't want it hanging over your face.


Sharon said...

OMG this is funny …..good job they don’t wear masks for gyno appointments!

kerry said...

holy sh*t that's not right. first of all, with teeth like that, why would i trust these people in my mouth? secondly, it's like the crew of dr demento coming at you with little ice picks. therapy nothing, timmy will be up in a bell tower with an AK by lunch.