Friday, June 01, 2007

"I may be carrying a drug resistant form of TB, but look at what I'm carrying right here boys"

So forgetting about the apparent lapses in homeland protection and the complete breakdown of a centralized database that works in concert to warn the proper authorities of individuals who are a biohazard; the editorial staff of the Cerebral Itch Scratch Pad would like to raise the following tertiary point: If you are so stupid as to not be paralyzed with fear when a doctor tells you you have tuberculosis, you should not be allowed to have such a smokin' hot wife and a law degree.

That is all. Now to go make some tea (cough, cough) I seem to have a tickle in my throat and feeling a bit run down.

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kerry said...

my favorite part is that he is a personal injury attorney. i wonder if this is causing a schism inside. you know, on the one hand he's got 3 airplane rosters full of potential clients to represent in a lawsuit and on the other hand it would be his money shelled out in the case of victory.