Monday, June 04, 2007

Democratic Debate Wrap-Up

So the New Hampshire CNN Democratic Debates were on last night, yeah, I know: BFD.
Here's the 10-second wrap-up:

Obama: More polished and beginning to exit political larval stage to becoming fully developed political slickster
Clinton: Mommy Bad-Ass takes the gloves off and starts naming names on who f*cked up what over the last seven years; as well as smacking Wolf Blitzer around (always worth the TV time)
Edwards: Jab, jab, cross, uppercut, cross: Pissed he's still in third place, he decides to take a page from his courtroom theatrics syllabus and start playing to the jury by calling out the accused (i.e. Clinton and Obama for their wussified senate vote on the Iraq bill last week)
Biden: Substantive answers on Iraq and keeps a lid on it (should've been given best of show just for that)
Kucinich: Peace brother, peace is how we is gonna do this whole she-bang
Gravel: Tertiary syphilis has set in and he is now officially crazy - we look forward to his next appearance
Richardson: Well, his candidacy looked good on paper and he makes funny commercials
Dodd: Chris Dodd was there?

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Sharon said...

Excellent cliff notes. You just validated my choice of rarely tuning my TV on…..why would I bother your synopsis is so much more informative & entertaining!

PS: The fat bastard home snapshot is if you could only get him to take off his shirt!