Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Aye Poppy

So the old Kissinger bon mot, "power is the greatest aphrodisiac" gets some more life pumped into it thanks to former Tennessee Republican senator and apparent blue pill popper, Fred Thompson.

The young lady pictured with him is his wife Jeri. She's 40 and four years younger than his own daughter. Call me crazy, but she might be a tad out of uncle saggy chops league if he was maybe an insurance salesman (
no disrespect to insurance salesman, but if you have a wife that hot, prove me wrong) and not some smooth-talkin' good ol' boy who made ridiculous cash being a D.C. lobbyist and a character actor.

This brings to mind the legions of pundits who say Fred Thompson may be the Reagan-esque candidate that can save the Republican party from itself and the band of asshats currently raising cash under the banner of a presidential campaign. With that said, I really don't think the conservative base is going to go for a trophy wife; just a guess. But please feel free red states, if you do pick Mr. and Mrs. Thompson to run it'll wipe half the sordid crap off of every English-speaking tabloid for a good year and a half.

Maybe she loves him dearly and they both embrace the winds that blow their May-December sails, but for chrissake Fred wipe that goddamn smirk off of your face every time you're around her you smug son of a bitch. We know you scored, but remember you have a prostate you could crack hazel nuts on and the pool boy will always have a six-pack.

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iltsurf said...

Who cares? Give the guy some credit, she's a hot piece of ass!!!!