Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Whew! Now I can get on with my life

Children danced in the streets, no one woke up with morning breath and peace reigned throughout my refrigerator. Paris Hilton is free.

The three major online news outlets found the time to break away from the Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Gaza, Cheney, fires and other less important stuff to let us know the numb skull nymphette made it through her 23-day hell with nary a scratch.

I give her maybe six weeks before she's blotto half-naked on some dance floor and behind the wheel of another disposable Mercedes. This isn't going to end well and damn it if we're not going to be there to cover it.

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orangutan said...

I'd like to see some more creative blogging here. Can I officially request some nude or erotic pictures/video of Katie Couric.

Thank you for your consideration.