Friday, January 11, 2008

Karl Rove is back! Not tanned, still fat and doing what he does best: scaring people

Former deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush and pudgy spawn belched from the hermaphroditic skin-fold of a satanic underling, Karl Rove - decided sloth was not going to be one of his usual favorite seven deadly sins this past weekend and wrote an op-ed piece for the newly soiled Wall Street Journal. In this tidy little missive, he gives the reader his take on why Senator Clinton grabbed New Hampshire from the maw of rampant Obama-friendly prognostication.

At first glance it reads as a back-handed endorsement for the former first lady. He gives four fabulous reasons why she won and why she is the superior candidate. Which is understandable when one realizes that Karl goes all a-twitter thinking about pitting a candidate against the most politically galvanizing force for Republicans since Communism or for that matter, the SUV tax credit. But nestled in his musings are some of the most sublime racist comments one could make without being beat with a brick in a dark parking structure. Granted, the majority of the Wall Street Journal editorial page readership is not going to rise up and demand that this man be asked just what he meant by saying the following things about the junior senator from Illinois:

"He is often lazy"

"His trash talking was an unattractive carryover from his days playing pickup basketball at Harvard"

"Mr. Obama chose soaring rhetoric and inspirational rallies. While his speeches galvanized true believers at his events, his words were neither filling nor sustaining for New Hampshire Democrats concerned about the Clintons and looking for a substantive alternative"

Granted, taking 25 words out of 1,312 minus their contextual placement is somewhat dubious (plus, white men can also be called lazy; see Fred Thompson), but when you take into consideration the malevolent genius of Karl Rove - The god damned Johnny Appleseed of fear - harvesting and understand that the higher echelon of the Republican base is being spoon-fed a concoction that consists of a feminist-socialist lesbian wife of a shill president or a lazy, jive-talking, b-ball playing huckster boy politician from Chicago. Too harsh? Lest we forget the now legendary story of how he smirked and then looked the other way in 2000 when "push-pollers" began calling voters in South Carolina asking them how they felt that John McCain had a black child out of wedlock (the fuel for this fire? John and Cindy McCain adopted a child from Bangladesh).

Rove's ability to triangulate issues and interweave them with subtle strereotypical imagery would be fun to read if it was fiction. Unfortunately in real life, the fat master has stirred and is testing the waters to see if his style of politics still plays. Rest assured, if Clinton surges in the run-up to Super Tuesday and begins to secure the nomination, Rove will breathe a sigh of relief that he doesn't have to go up against the lazy basketball player that has a good chunk of the nation on their feet screaming and hoping for change.


Anonymous said...
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t said...

No I don't think it's of dubious importance attaching more importance to the racism in something Karl Rove writes as opposed to anything else which is merely political pablum which follows from his political objectives-to destroy his political opponent. He has shown no reservations about resorting to all kinds of unprincipled crap and Rove has said that he thinks Hilary is fatally flawed. We know he is partisan above everything else so no, judging the man on his racism is totally appropriate.

seamusoldfield said...

Um, I like what you said and how you said it. Can I come here more often? Very nice work.

iltsurf said...

I am positive people who like Obama weren't reading Karl Rove's oped piece...and the ones that were reading it, well...they probably don't want to vote for him I don't think you have to worry that your hero candidate lost some votes because of him.

Is that the best you could do? Karl Rove?? He's a nobody! I know you got better than that.

Sharon said...

ummmm, more tea anyone.........?

Geoff Keenan said...

your observations are well stated and germane. we've lost not just the past eight years but effectively since 1980 by underestimating republicans' dumbdown/smear approach to winning over voters' allegiances. and karl is good at it. he does the same thing, again and again, successfully. idiots who downplay this are idiots.

Geoffrey said...

Not sure who I’m more glad to see back…..the malfeasant blob whom, as you so correctly pointed out, looks as pale as a Scotsman in April, or the witty creator of fine bloggist diatribe and fulmination…..

jazzolog said...

Great to find this Blogger...and bookmarked you are! I think you were linked at MSNBC, although my contact didn't include the specific reference. Anyway, you're getting around...and that's great!

Never for an instant did I believe the crap that Rove had "retired." And to be with his family. Omigod, what a model family man! I suspected he wasn't even married, until I read he'd said he loves illegal immigrants picking beans and making richfolk beds so that his (combat-aged) son will never have to do such work.

It was blatantly clear to me Rove was headed off to do Repub party work...a good year and more before election. That he and his despicable followers continue to find all those little brown people running around this earth hilarious and eminently killable is to be expected. What's Karl's wife like, anybody know?

Biggs said...


Anonymous said...

As a african american woman I'm offended by the comments of Karl Rove regarding Obama. They were blatantly can't excuse them away.

Here we are in 2008 with all the advances of our country...sad to say we still have such "old school" ignorance.