Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MacBook Air: Okay now you guys are just piling on

Once again Jobs and his minions reduce CES to a noisy little swap meet up in Las Vegas with another MacWorld product debut that's a solid kick in the nuts to the rest of the consumer electronic vertical. The MacBook Air debuted this morning and it looks like another home run for Apple. The commercial has the laptop being taken out of a manila envelope to profoundly emphasize the unprecedented lithe profile. It's a little more than 3/4" thick at it's fattest point and weighs about three pounds.

I suppose we're now going to have to put up with countless stupid references by the media to supermodel thin-ness and crap like "if Kate Moss (or insert the name of whoever's clavicle is visible) was a laptop...blah, blah, blah". All said, it's not hard to imagine sitting in a coffee house typing away at this sucker while talking on your iPhone should, no scratch that, will get you laid.


Cerebral Itch said...

Enough, already. Allow some time for the rest of us to even catch up with the other "wonderful, cyberspace" items Apple keeps putting out. There are some people who really want to catch up with the speed of the new tech era -- but give us a break!!!

ilcompendium said...

Woah. Really. 'cause if that's all I need to get laid, I'm gonna put in a pre order. I don't even want a godamn i phone, but it's been a while. know what I mean?