Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Duncan Hunter: Ready to lead if anyone wants to follow him...anyone? hello? anyone?

So for political junkies, last night was a veritable banquet of presidential primary delights, okay, it was more like the crappy wilted spread at an old Souplantation, but nonetheless a lot was going on.

In Las Vegas the three democratic front runners or as we like to call them: the brutha, the mutha and the southenah took part in an NBC debate that was one part tea party and two parts passive aggressive bullshit throwing contest. Obama lost his edge and rambled like he got called on in class and had to fake it, Hillary actually looked like the iron maiden she wants everyone to think she is (boy, can that lady stare down an opponent) and Edwards was by far the most passionate and dare I say, sincere. On the Republican side, Cyborg Mitt Romney handily defeated John McCain in Michigan by nine percentage points using the memory of his beloved dead father, stacks of his own cash and ironically, hollow economic promises to a state that looks like an off-Broadway production of the Grapes of Wrath.

But the big news on this blog was how California Congressman Duncan Hunter scored a big fat goose egg. Not only did the intolerant windbag get essentially no votes, he was beaten by the "uncommitted" vote by 2% - that's gotta sting. When you get your ass kicked by people who can't decide in this political climate and would rather take a pass than vote for you; you might want to consider re-tooling your message or just get the hell out of the race. But what really brings a big smile to my face is that all of us who were going on about our lives, minding our business did just as well in the Michigan Primary as Congressman Hunter.

Makes you think who we all might tie with in the Academy Awards.

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Geoffrey said...

Dear Mr. Itch,

Once again many thanks for the succinct summary of both the primary in Mi and the debate in LV….makes life so much easier to read for 30 seconds than endure hours of hot air from overly opinionated pundits.

Just think how many text books could be bought for the impoverished kids in Michigan schools with the cash that was no doubt spent on Mr. Hunter’s campaign…….

Yours etc

A fan