Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fantasy Obit: John Gibson

Every so often stupidity marries evil and the results are broadcast for all to see or hear. John Gibson, co-host of the Big Story on Fox News is a product of such a union. This moronic piece of filth let loose on his radio show Monday night hours after Heath Ledger was found dead, with a show opening that included the funeral march being played as well as Ledger's oft-heard Brokeback Mountain line "I wish I knew how to quit ya'". To which Gibson followed, “Well, he found out how to quit you.” Gibson continued in his show to make unfounded accusations about Ledger concerning drug use and suicide. If you care to soil your eyeballs with more of this ugly douchebag's vitriol click here to see how he embraces minorities.

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iltsurf said...

Stop being so sensitive...geez! He's a Hollywood actor with tons of money and fame so some mockery and meanness is accepted.

I can agree that Gibson is being really "mean," but c'mon...Media Matters as your source for exposing him?

Media Matters is funded by George Soros, a genuine America-Hater and all they put out is good quality left wing propaganda!

You're a good Liberal Cerebral Itch Guy!