Monday, August 13, 2007

A letter to a public servant, who never really served the public

Dear Karl,

If we ever see your fat ass on the street we will show you a real "thumpin'" you cowardly conniving son of a bitch who has no regard for the constitution or respect for the people who still believe this country can heal after all of the Machiavellian mouse traps you constructed to put and keep your functionally illiterate puppet in power.

May your days from here on in grow dark and lonely - you deserve nothing less.


The Left, Right and everybody else you laughed at from on high

p.s. Sheryl Crow knows where you live

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good riddance Rove ...and your lame ass excuse of needing to be with the family (your college-aged son who'd probably prefer not to be affiliated with his deranged father) is typical of your inability to face or tell the truth. Crawl back into your hole and rot, you stinking lardassed republifuck! Now we can only hope the puppet will recognize his ineptitude (without his handler) and quit too.