Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mr. Obama, Canadian President on line 7, and by "7" I mean the line specially reserved for boneheads

Okay, we know he's a smart guy and everything, but jeezus, this gaff from the AFL-CIO Democratic Forum puts him in the same league as the moron who sits in the office he wants:

Obama: I would immediately call the president of Mexico, the president of Canada to try to amend NAFTA

Canada, of course, has no president. It operates under a parliamentary system, and the head of government is the prime minister. Since February of last year that office has been held by Stephen Harper, leader of Canada's Conservative party.


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Anonymous said...

Perhaps he should reverse his comments vis-a-vis Pakistan and Canada. He could threaten to invade Canada and call the President of Pakistan.

By all means, let's crack down on free trade! Let me get my ouija board and call up Messers Smoot and Hawley.

The Commodore