Sunday, August 19, 2007

SuperBad is the funniest movie of the Summer...period

See there's a joke in that headline and once you see the movie, oh how you will get it.

Our movie reviewer, Big Pete tried to come up with our patented 3-second movie review for this movie but just couldn't - it's that original. The poor guy cried like a little girl and I had to send him home to reflect on his failure. With that said, we heartily endorse this wonderfully acted potty-mouth screwball comedy.

The portly kid Seth, played by Jonah Hill is on the fast track to become his generation's Belushi hopefully without checking out of the Chateau Marmont in 10 years. Take a look at this deleted scene from that other side-splitter shown earlier this summer, Knocked Up. The Kid's a free-associating panicking genius. Micheal Cera, who plays his buddy is always a sure bet as fans of the too-smart-for-network-TV cancelled gem, Arrested Development know from his deadpan hilarity as Justin Bateman's son, George Michael.

Go see it, it's worth the money you usually spend on booze.

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Anonymous said...

Worth the money I spend on booze??
I knew movie tickets had gotten expensive but $500??

You meant per day, right?

The Commodore