Saturday, September 08, 2007

Paul Anka will probably not be buying our t-shirts anytime soon

The above sound clip is a 144 karat audio gem. It is Paul Anka busting the balls of his crew for their dull intellect and slovenly tendencies. The man is a perfectionist and a poet; in it you will hear perhaps the greatest threat metaphor of all time: slices like a hammer. genius.

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Sharon said...

“I’m the only important one on that fukin stage, is that fair enough?” I hope the band quit so he had to stand there whining to a booing full house ‘All by myself’ (Barry forgive me) and wonder ‘where the fuk is Joe’? Personally, I hope Joe was jerking off in his ex-bosses cup of coffee...

Jesus you site inspires me to rant, congratulations (I think)!