Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BOOBAH as a weapon of mass irritation

We all know about the Teletubbies and their vice-grip on the minds of children and their quasi-magical powers in creating homosexuals. But a new threat has emerged picking up where the Teletubbies left off. They have a name and that name is Boohbah.

The Boohbah creature is eerily familiar to the creature known as "grimace" from the Ronald McDonald pantheon. So much so, I'm guessing legal proceedings are already underway. They are equally as functionally illiterate and lack the necessary anatomy to annunciate spoken language. They appear to use high pitched sound blurts to communicate. They scoff at the laws of physics by easily defying gravity which has obviously led to the advanced atrophy of the lower legs and feet.

If there are any redeeming facets to the Boohbah it is that recorded audio of their musings can be used as a weapon for both interrogation as a result of rendition and seriously pissing off roommates and/or cubicle neighbors.

Follow these simple instructions to inflict maximum annoyance:

  1. Wait for targeted cubicle occupant to leave their cubicle
  2. enter said cubicle, access the Boohbah website - click on the Boohbah masthead
  3. Click on the gaggle of Boobahs (see below screenshot)
  4. click on all of the musical circles above their heads
  5. turn the computer volume to maximum
  6. run!

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kerry said...

one word. Awesome.

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