Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On Notice

These people annoy the crap out of us: Mary Murphy, San Diego-based choreographer and judge on the hit talent show, So You Think You Can Dance; listen to her voice for about 10 seconds and you'll bust a beer bottle on a table edge and gouge your ears off. And right-wing curmudgeon Dennis Miller who somewhere around 13 years ago was one of the funniest and smartest men in showbiz; now he's some washed-up hybrid of Bill O'Reilly and Robin Williams.


iltsurf said...

Dennis Miller annoys you?? it because he's funny and not Liberal? ...oh and has some common sense?

Anonymous said...

Miller was one of the strongest ranters around and a relatively intelligent voice for the left until he realized that Bill Maher was doing more than just whining and had a much larger following. In his 14th minute, with an ego too big to maintain his integrity, or large debts, he swung all the way over to the right and doomed himself forever to mediocrity. Right wingers just aren't that funny, unless of course they're attempting some kind of moron shtick.

John Foley said...

Generalize much? Ever heard of or read P.J. O'Rourke? He's not only a brilliant writer, but one of the funniest people (of any political stripe) in recent memory.
Not that any of that changes the fact that Dennis Miller's humor fell off the map.