Friday, July 20, 2007

Fantasy Obit: Michael Vick

This waste of space needs to be put down.

As if the world isn't filled with enough blatant disregard for life, this functionally illiterate monster made a lucrative little hobby out of it. Recently indicted for running a dogfighting operation, Michael Vick will see the inside of a courtroom and will probably get a fine that will dent his bank account to the extent where he won't be able to get new rims for six Escalades; but the secondary accessory to the crime is the NFL.

If this guy shows up on the Falcon's roster this coming season, there will be hell to pay. Follow this link to send a letter to the NFL telling them to suspend Vick. Double your wrath and visit the Humane Society web page dedicated to this issue and join their denouncement of the NFL for not suspending this criminal immediately.

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Sharon said...

Thanks for shedding more light on this. Cheyenne always says that if you get enough money your addiction will surface. What a prick to have all that privilege use it for what…….?