Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh Google, why do you hate us so?

So you gotta love dynamic ad serving. Google AdWords makes huge bucks by sticking their ads anywhere they're allowed. The whole thing works so well because the pages are essentially read by Google ad servers and the ads are placed based on the content of that page. Which, depending on the said content could be an ingenious marketing fit or some accidental righteous comedy and/or tragedy. In our case, we get the comedy plus tragedy.

Case in point: You can see an ad for "Cerebral Palsy Infants". I did not click on this link for fear I would see some stuff that would so harshly bum me out I would end up changing the name of the company.

Comedy Rule #254 - Anal Itching is funny
note: as long as it is someone else's anus
When some dumbass ad server sees "itch" as in Cerebral Itch apparently "stop anal itching" is a logical cross-promotion. This was our favorite considering one cannot say the term "anal itch" and not smirk; it is neurologically impossible.

While these ads did nothing for their sponsors because they ended up on a cranky blog written by some unemployable jagoff, we can only hope one of our smarmy greeting card ads end up on the anal itching site or stroke prevention site. Touché!

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