Friday, April 06, 2007

Fighting ire with ire

It makes sense that Geraldo would be the perfect sparring partner for Shrill O'Reilly; except O'Reilly forgot that Geraldo at one time (a loooooong time ago mind you) was a brilliant and compassionate journalist and lawyer. This is what happens when someone pushes a bully back. Geraldo should've clocked the old bombastic son of a bitch.

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iltsurf said...

Wow, I wonder if that was televised? That was quite the debate or shall I say shouting match. Illegals shouldn't be here period and I agree with Bill. It may be a cheap political point, but I think it's valid.

You're a big supporter of illegals aren't you? I am slowly picking up some of your political ideals. You're not as independent as I thought. hahahahaha