Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cerebral Itch ends up in Angeleno magazine

Far be it from me to hold back on the self-promotion so here it goes: We're cool and now the rest of the world knows it (hyperbole alert). It seems the classy and trendy folks over at Angeleno thought we met their editorial criteria and gave us some ink. Here's what they said about us:

Most people don't think divorces and breakups are milestones to celebrate. But don't tell that to the snarky minds behind Cerebral Itch, a new greeting-card company out of San Diego. Husband-and-wife team Paul and Kathleen Chamberlain just launched the business with a "Breakup Line" of paper keepsakes ($3.50 a piece) to mark the end of your month-long fling or five-year entrapment. Choose from zingers like, "Marriage did not agree with you, but thank god the judge did" or "Breakup fact: He was a jackass and he will most assuredly die alone." So what other inappropriate occasion will the couple tackle next? Paul says they might just tap into the disposable income of the AARP crowd: ''I'm tempted to take a shot at bereavement cards-it's a boomer growth market, you know." - Sasha Fedulow

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Anonymous said...

Tell the truth about the Cerebral Itch PR strategy. In exchange for the positive run in the magazine, Cerebral Itch founder PJB was forced to dust off his old male model skills and tutor that Hollywood pretty boy on the cover in the subtle arts of the sensual face shot. I can't believe you gave him your number one pose: Fire and Ice #7. no one can question the founders commitment to his brand.