Saturday, May 24, 2008

You're goddamn right we're sore losers

Okay, for those of you who didn't hear, we got nominated for a LOUIE. What's a LOUIE you ask and why must it be typed in all caps? A LOUIE is the greeting card industry's highest award for excellence; an award that honors the creativity of its artists, writers and designers. The OSCAR of greeting cards if you will. Well, this year it is also affectionately known here at the Cerebral Itch offices as bullshit on a glass stand.

The LOUIE is handed out by the American Greeting Card Association; an august committee if there ever was one. Well these folks saw fit to select one of our cards for their "Superbly Stated" category. A category that is a recognition of editorial copy – greeting cards with original composition. They selected our sweet and smart "Cool Family Member" card. We're proud of this little card. Not only because it's a best-seller, but because it resonates with a lot of people in a very sweet way when a new baby comes into their lives. Here it is:

Well, we lost.

Who won you ask? Studio Expressio - For their card "owl love you forever". We've posted the card below so you could take in the touching majesty and savor what makes an award-winning card according to the American Greeting Card Association LOUIE judges.

Just the fact that we lost to a shitty pun is enough to make us bust up the office in a Tyler Durden-like rage. But for chrissake, to lose to a card that actually uses the line "wise birds always knew life's better when there's two - lucky me, lucky you" is all the evidence one needs to know that something tantamount to a briefcase full of non-consecutive $20's and hookers at the hotel gets you a LOUIE trophy; because it sure as hell ain't bang-up copywriting.

So how did we get over this devastating loss? Six bottles of a lovely Central California Coast Pinot Noir, five Honduran cigars and our makeshift backyard paint-ball shooting range festooned with Studio Expressio cards and LOUIE logos printed from our cheap-ass inkjet. To look at our offices this morning after assuaging our loss, you'd think we won.

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Sharon said...

you were robbed........