Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's called blatant racism you politically correct obtuse twits!

It really takes something truly nauseating to top Hillary's performance last night as the tenacious defender who once again (yawn) declared taking her bankrupt and quixotic crusade to the final hill on behalf of the working class. But the most sickening performance of all was the constant faux-bewilderment of the pundits when examining Obama's 35 point loss in Kentucky. You could see the politically correct restraint just oozing out their powdered foreheads. I kept hoping against hope that someone would snap and just scream, "working class whites earning less than $50k with a high school education living in Appalachia are f%^$#ng functionally illiterate racist hillbillies who would drink battery acid before letting some 'negro' be I fired now?".

The West Virgina primary let the world peer into a disturbing microcosm that included bad grammar, great orthodontic need and racism. Enjoy the following video:

It appears that the Kentucky primary had equally if not more dour sociological results. According to the Associated Press, "About one in five whites said race played a role in choosing a candidate Tuesday — on par with results in several other Southern states. Nine in 10 of that group backed Clinton — the highest proportion yet among the 28 states where that question has been asked in exit polls." Contrast that with their exit poll findings from Oregon where only 1 in 10 said race was important to them. Oregon exit polling showed that Obama does get the working class white vote and added credence that his problem is endemic to Appalachia. Obama did pull Louisville and got solid support from college students and educated voters under 30...shocking.

Let's go out on a limb and say Hillary's victories throughout Appalachia are not primarily the result of an informed and inspired electorate who appreciate her nuanced legislative take on health care but instead putrid bigotry on a grand scale. What that means is that constitutional privilege was exercised by individuals who would rather vote for a white pandering political fixture with a sense of entitlement or a white elderly professional politician with odious associates who married into more money than their state has budgeted for education. Oh, and one more thing. Last night in Hillary's "victory speech" she used that great hackneyed suck-up line "As ___ goes, so goes the nation!"; this time inserting "Kentucky". Let's get something straight lady. I go nowhere Kentucky goes and I believe the other 49 states would agree.


Joy said...

Well done (Cerebral Itch)! However, exit polls do not disclose what i term racism of the heart.

Political correctness has caused the hate mongers and true enemies to go underground and to only say that which serves the mythology.
But alas time will tell.

iltsurf said...

This is the point that I've made many times with regard to speaking truth.

The pundits that you speak of can't be "politically incorrect" and say the truth because then they'd have to do the same about minorities in a similar context.

I am surprised they didn't come right out and say it because all of these people were white. Usually it's ok to be politically incorrect about white people.