Friday, May 30, 2008

Well, at least we can make a guess at how that RFK gaffe fell out of her mouth

Okay, far be it from me to come to the Clinton's defense but man! What a hatchet job the New York Times and MSNBC did on her with one simple headline and a corresponding picture.

Apparently the junior Senator from New York likes her Maker's Mark at the end of a hard day of campaigning. And rumor has it she can drink the hardiest correspondent under the table like Indy's girlfriend Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Like we're shocked.

But the picture they put with the headline "Clinton burnishes her cocktail credentials" is something you'd see in a 1963 Esquire issue. The juxtaposition of Hillary's picture (looking like she's singing raunchy bar songs) and the headline containing the word "cocktail" is pure editorializing and simultaneous comedic genius. It's the perfect weekend piece for the last remaining primaries since her campaign is so goddamned absurd. It's as if you could almost hear the editors going "fuck it, what's she going to do? Refuse an interview? Hell, it'll probably help her with Appalachia voters."

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