Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Campaign died today in South Dakota. Zombie campaign imminent

You know, to be honest with you, I thought the above creation was a bit offside. Namecalling is never the paragon of social commentary nor is gender specific insult. But what the hell, we make funny cards. But today validated every single word on that shirt. Whether it be due to fatigue, calculation or outright lunacy, Hillary Clinton imploded on the public stage in the grandest and simultaneously most impotent fashion imaginable. Using both the word "assassination" and the horrific memory of RFK dying on the cold service hallway floor of the Ambassador Hotel as a historic buttress for a collapsing presidential plight ushers in the reaper to claim her sad tired husk.

The revulsion is palpable amongst the democratic cognoscenti and blogosphere. I think Keith said it best, albeit a bit more hysterical than one might call for.

Please go away Mrs. Clinton. Far away...and quietly.

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Steve Ballmer said...

Given all of the things throughout history which have happened in June, Hellary mentions the assassination of Bobby Kennedy? An unusually close parallel to Obama or wishful thinking or maybe instructions to the wack job racist out there?

"You guys aren't doing your job!"
That's what I hear Hellary saying!
Maybe that's just me, .... we will find out at Barak's wake.