Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Reality TV safety tip: Don't dry hump Danny Bonaduce if you have no dental plan

So for those of us that actually saddle up to the trough of reality TV slop, the above video is about the best piece of Schadenfreude you could ask for.

A little background: The moron speaking to the audience is "Johnny Fairplay". A self-made media whore who struck it rich by parlaying his lack of moral fiber the season of Survivor - Pearl Islands. The beginning of his ascent to full-blown televised assholishness was when he curried the sympathies of the other survivors by lying about his grandmother dying (she's still alive by the way). Ever since he's been showing up anywhere there's a camera. With swaggering aplomb, Danny Bonaduce, who should be dead, decides to exact some drunken justice on the asshat. Enjoy

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