Thursday, October 18, 2007

...and the world is now a little less classy and a little less cool

When you co-starred in movies like From Here to Eternity, The King & I and An Affair to Remember and proved a mighty match for guys like Burt Lancaster, Yul Brenner and Cary Grant, you were a tour de force. But to do it with incalculable class and genteel wit meant that you were Deborah Kerr. A classy lady who never slid into the scandal sheets like her contemporaries (Liz Taylor, et al) but only did her job...unbelievably well.

If you made Sinatra, Martin, Davis laugh their asses off and partied with them as Vegas grew into puberty you deserve a place on the mantle of eternal swank. Joey Bishop did that along with killer stand-up and laying out venerable talk show hosts and audiences alike. Somewhere the Rat Pack is all back together and that is a very cool thought indeed.

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Anonymous said...

You know, they say these things go in threes. Mr Itch may want to go easy on the blueies & vodka for a while.

The Commodore