Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Elitist" my ass

Let's see, he eloquently ripped the veil off of racism on live television and displayed it to the nation; annunciated how it's been percolating on both sides beneath political correctness for the past 30-odd years. And now, in a rather clumsy off-the-cuff statement, he's getting labeled an "elitist" by opponents for facts that the actual people he refers to admit freely. There's a certain glimpse one can get at another's character when they don't shy away from calling bullshit on their detractors. Especially when those detractors own eight homes, fly on corporate jets and have difficulty sourcing millions of dollars stated on tax returns, yet still claim to be simple down home gun-totin' Christian folk fightin' for the little man.

With that said, Cerebral Itch has some special edition t-shirts on the drawing boards. Let us know which one you would wear. If enough of you like a particular one, we'll go to print with it next week.

You know where we stand, where do you?


Sharon said...

Can we order with interchangeable heads on those shirts?; if so I have a few lucky friends that might be receiving an anonymous gift!

Geoff said...

Why is it that stating the truth becomes a “trip up” needing apologists and begging forgiveness….and then the others whom no doubt believe what is said, need to score pundit points by repeating the headlines of some blog somewhere, (god forbid having a thought of their own) and then assessing their purported chagrin’s public/press perception via a poll…..can’t wait ‘til November

BTW torn between the McCain and Hillary shirt……


Anonymous said...

what happened to nun of the above?


iltsurf said...

You're so predictable and inconsistent. If someone even whispers racial undertones about your hero candidate, you're blogging about how racist they are. When he's getting called out about his "elitist" comments, then it's a different story and you're defending him like your best bro!! ...or shall I say brotha.

Everyone is so sensitive and racist. I know for you do-good liberals it's tough to swallow, but this does include blacks, wetties, orientals, and anyone else in the mix.

As for Barack's comments, who cares? He's speaking truth and I gotta say, I liked the fact that he stood by his remarks. I just wish all people could say what they want without being called racist or "intolerant." It seems liberals and minorities get a free pass on speaking their mind.

I don't think I'd get any of the shirts...hahahahaha!!!