Tuesday, September 16, 2008

San Diego's FOX 5 does Cerebral Itch

Well, someone felt sorry for us and put our story on the TV. The absolutely charming Nadine Toren from San Diego's FOX 5 took some time out of her busy morning to feature the Cerebral Itch political e-cards. Watch the piece, it's worth it just to hear someone call us "lovebirds".


iltsurf said...

oh, how cute!!!

Sharon said...

Jesus-who'd ya have to shag to get that coverage....Chuck Todd?!

Was the mystery camera shy person who thinks the election is 'no laughing matter' the voice of reasons sis.... finally getting back at ya?!!

Brilliant, just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

You went on a Fox affiliate? Oh the humanity! Rupert Murdoch must be spinning in his grave!

The Commodore

D said...

Fucking awesome - you activist.