Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Honky Tonk Hate Speak:
Sarah Palin addresses, scratch that, incites the Republican base

As Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke in front of the massive half-ass Flickr slideshow that passes for the RNC's main stage backdrop, the blood must have ran cold for a great deal of Obama supporters.

Her telegenic lip-curling and nostril flaring, her developmentally disabled baby being passed from person to person like the prop from a bizarre nativity scene and the sarcastic venom that dripped from her impeccably glossed MILF lips left this blogger saying one thing, "Shit, the disenfranchised right-wing evangelicals have their Obama now." It was like the denouement from the plot of some sci-fi superhero movie where the hero must face down the bigger, meaner and stronger adversary in order to save the day. Palin is that adversary now.

When you can sell lines like, "My fellow citizens, the American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of "personal discovery" and not get laughed out of the room when you yourself have a questionable resume for the job you're applying for and a passport that is brand new is downright admirable.

One can only hope that she was queen for a day. That this was her zenith and election day will be her nadir. But it doesn't look like that. The pundits were stunned, charmed in fact. The conservative press hoisted her on their shoulders and the liberal press gave credit where credit was due. She will soldier on adding culture to the list that contains Afghanistan and Iraq as one more battleground. She will embrace her inner "pit bull", "barracuda" or what ever carnivorous appellation the right will brand her with. Her knocked-up kid will become the symbol of parental tolerance and unconditional love instead of a pox on her parenting skills for not embracing birth control the way the parent of a teenage girl living in a place where humping and binge drinking are the official sports during the cold months should. And thanks to the vulgar display of her new baby, any couple who wrestled with the decision of bringing a Downs baby into this world and made the opposite decision the Palins did will now be considered of something tantamount to eugenics.

Let's be honest. She backed Ted Stevens, her hubby (who by the way, if anything good comes of this, it's that man gets a tailor) belongs to a state succession group, she possesses the geopolitical knowledge-base of a third-rate Jeopardy applicant, she abused her executive power and attempts to ban library books that offend her Christian sensibilities. But man, can that broad gin up the base and look good doing it. She is the personification of the most obscene political calculus ever conceived. Hat's off to the guys in the back room that cooked this one up and hat's off to Palin for pulling it off.

As of tonight, McCain should just relent and slide to the back of the ticket and let her have the top job. He'd have a better shot at the White House that way.


Katty said...

You nailed it. She IS the right wing, white, rural answer to Obama. It's scary if it works.

Obama appeals to the best in us; Republicans appeal to the worst.

G said...

I have a feeling that tonight's speech will "palin" comparison to last night's hooplah. Sorry, someone had to say it. Long live polar bears.