Monday, March 31, 2008

Aloha means goodbye and sorry about your accrued frequent flier miles, sucker!

In what is probably the most apropos yet ironically named company to go under, Aloha Airlines goes...well..Aloha.

So with all the bad financial news over the past few months one more death in the charnel house known as the American economy really didn't matter; except Cerebral Itch floated some serious expenses on the corporate Aloha Airlines credit card so we could score "free tickets" to Hawaii for all the thankless work we do. Now thanks to Aloha's stellar management, our miles and free tickets are worthless.

So here's the quick and dirty on the situation: There's been a fare ware going on for the past couple of years thanks to an upstart Phoenix-based airline called go! airlines. They flooded the market with below cost inter-island fares that rattled the complacent Hawaiian airline industry. Now I'm sure before go! even put up their first sign, Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines could see the storm coming. Radical countermeasures and shrewd business decisions should have been the order of the day. But instead, a great deal of whining about a "carpet-bagger" mainland corporation with no respect for Ohana was heard amongst many Aloha executives and residents alike. Last I checked, Hawaii was still part of the union and a free-market system. Competition and ruthless business strategies are all part of the deal keikis.

Well Aloha, you knew jet fuel wasn't going to get any cheaper and your competitors had more cash than you long before things got nasty. So what did you do? Scrambled at the last minute for a backroom fire sale acquisition, kept your loyal employees in the dark and served the most inedible celophane-wrapped crap sandwiches on earth while you prayed for an easy way out.



iltsurf said...

someone is a little bitter...Yikes!

Anonymous said...

You need to grow the frick up! Were you one of those employees? Did you put all of your aloha into that company like many of us did?! You have no reason to complain about your stupid little flyer miles! Prick!