Friday, November 02, 2007

Bored at work? Trip out on this

That's Mars people. Click on the pic to enlarge, sit back and be blown away. Granted it looks just like an earth desert but that's the rub; a planet died a long time ago and it reminds us of ourselves. The other source of awe with this picture is that it was taken by the NASA rover, Opportunity. A wheeled geology/exobiology lab and camera crew that was supposed to function for around 90 days and has been going strong for almost two years. Perhaps Detroit may want to look into hiring the guys that built it. Hell, let's elect them to Congress.


Jerry Lehane III said...

I designed the Mars rovers from the initial concepts/drawings /notes and sent to Gene Roddenberry 1987.The rovers found people like us and animals & fossils.Viking missions 1976 found large life first and nasa CLAMMED UP about it. I have pics to share Jerry Lehane III * The Marspeople look like us and wear clothes and hats.

Anonymous said...

Jerry, if by "people like us" you mean soft-bodied fragile upright meat-based intelligence then you are wrong. Earth is the only place where this kind of unlikely blight has developed, no doubt due to lack of oversight. I ought to know, I have been to many lovely planets, all populated by machine intelligence.

The Commodore
PS I don't wear a hat.