Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson: Let us RIP...please

I am by no stretch a fan of either of these pugnacious blowhards, but damn it if Donny Deutsch doesn't hit it on the head. This isn't about Jackson anymore, it's about the displaced affection of millions for someone who was mentally unbalanced and tragic.

He was no philanthopist of note by the standards set by some of his generation. Nor was he an activist in comparison to others in his industry. As evidenced today in a spectacle tantamount to deification (to take a page from Mr. Deutsch's polemic), he was an eccentric and quintessentially unique performer who gave friends and associates fond memories that none of us will ever experience. We learned from his daughter, as irony would have it, he apparently was a good father; and damn well he should be after dangling an infant out a window.

With that said, please go away Jackson brood and accompanying sycophants. Bathe yourself in disputed royalties and grant Michael a peace long deserved. Take your legal fights to the shadows and let us remember him for the one gift he gave us... Some really good tunes.

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