Friday, October 03, 2008

Cerebral Itch featured on KNSD
7/39 San Diego NBC

Well, somehow we got on TV again talking about Cerebral Itch. This time it was the fine folks over at NBC 7/39 who showed us the early A.M. love. Kacky did a great job but Paul has been admitted to the local hospital to get the stick removed from his ass.


Anonymous said...

Paul are you on a hanger or what? Back brace we didn't know about? Kacky you are always the best!


Sweet G said...

You guys needed some serious "Glor Coffee". How early was that? Were there people staggering away from Ciro's Pizza?

Sharon said...

Now, now, no public self flagellation, children you both did very well.

iltsurf said...

...Oh my gosh, you 2 are absolutely adorable.

When you're rich 'n famous, please don't forget about your poor right wing nut-job friends!

Anonymous said...

All press is good... oh dear god, I hope the operation was a success.

I blame it on the years you spent with McCain in a tiger cage in Nam.